“Sandy’s yoga and pranayama teachings have completely transformed my life. Before I became her student, my alignment and yoga postures were causing me pain. She not only helped relieve my pain with asanas and breathing techniques, but also paid close attention to gently correcting my form and alignment during our yoga sessions. I realized I had been doing yoga improperly for a lifetime! She is attentive, intuitive and a true master of her art. She provides a relaxing and peaceful environment to absorb and learn yoga, which helps me progress towards my spiritual studies. Her pranayama instructions have deepened my meditation, and have provided me with a valuable tool to become still, turn my senses inwards, and calm my mind during the workday and before meditation. Her wealth of knowledge and experience also helps strengthen the mind-body connection, turning my yoga practice into a more blissful, mindful practice. I am truly grateful for her life changing guidance and teachings.” -M.S.