Private Yoga Classes

Whether you are new to yoga, have an injury or want to progress in your practice, private lessons are a personalized and effective way to learn yoga. I have worked positively with people to address conditions such as: scoliosis, knee pain, shoulder injuries, lower back pain, as well as stress, anxiety and insomnia. I also have worked with people to start and develop a meditation and spiritual practice. Private classes are tailored to meet you where you are and develop from there.

Classes may be held at 529 Pierce St, the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, 2201 Sutter St, or your home. During COVID-19 private classes will be held on Zoom.

Privates May Focus on:

  • Learning yoga postures, basics to intermediate
  • Healing and practicing safely with injuries
  • Establishing a home yoga practice and learning sequences to practice at home
  • Yoga for emotional balance
  • Yoga for women
  • Pranayama (Yoga of breath and energy regulation)
  • Establishing a sitting meditation practice
  • Integrating the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras and yoga philosophy into your life
  • Diet, lifestyle and healthy routines


  • One-hour private lesson, $120
  • 5 one-hour private lessons, $450

Testimonials from Students:

“Sandy’s yoga and pranayama teachings have completely transformed my life. Before I became her student, my alignment and yoga postures were causing me pain. She not only helped relieve my pain with asanas and breathing techniques, but also paid close attention to gently correcting my form and alignment during our yoga sessions. She is attentive and intuitive. She provides a relaxing and peaceful environment to absorb and learn yoga, which helps me progress towards my spiritual studies. Her pranayama instructions have deepened my meditation, and have provided me with a valuable tool to become still, turn my senses inwards, and calm my mind during the workday and before meditation. Her wealth of knowledge and experience also helps strengthen the mind-body connection, turning my yoga practice into a more blissful, mindful practice. I am truly grateful for her life changing guidance and teachings.” -M.S.

“I have been practicing with Sandy for two years in private classes.  She is an intuitive and thoughtful teacher and I appreciate her ability to tailor our sessions.  She combines a physical practice with spiritual one.  She is helping me to gradually make progress towards more advanced postures like the supported headstand.” – M.C.

“I take Introductory from Sandy and she’s wonderfully welcoming to all limitations. She has a sweet sense of humor that makes me feel fine about my own limits.” B.H.

“She is so deep in her practice and I get so much from being with her.” -anonymous

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