There is no state to be attained…

“There is no state to be attained other than our practice of letting go.”

-Dogen Zenji

Letting go is a commitment to return to what is in front of us, rather than dwelling in the world of the mind,  fabrication, habit, or karma. Continuous practice is the practice of letting go and fully experiencing each moment. When we practice in each moment, life becomes a gift, as each moment is unique and full.

“This life is fleeting, wake up, wake up! Don’t waste this life!” Living in a Zen temple we are reminded of impermanence and fleeting nature of life. We are reminded that there is nothing  to hold on to or take with us.  We exist in a world where nothing is “known” and the best we can do is act in harmony with the unfolding of life.

In letting go, I return to what is most immediate, the breath, the body the sensations of being alive. In letting go, I acknowledge the powers of the mind, of planning and discernment and practice awareness, knowing how easy it is to identify with thoughts and feelings. The base of practice is awareness.

How can I let go and not be governed by impulse and desire? How can I flow with the constant changes of life and maintain my inner compass? I am realizing slowly that to sit quietly, live and move with awareness, notice and let go, over and over again is the practice of Zen. Letting go, letting the thoughts of the mind, and the pieces of the broken “self” be offered up to the empty sky – in their place, moments of peace and appreciation of this very life.

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